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9 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Starting an Ecommerce Website

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Shopping has acquired a whole new face with the advent of e-commerce sites. Even men who hate routine boring store purchase would love to spend time for online shopping.  The world is ready to accept novel options which can make life better, and that is what e-commerce sites do. For this same reason, starting an e-commerce site can never go fruitless. Put in the right strategies and your site will rise with flying colors. There are some big ‘No’s while starting an e-commerce site and let us take a quick look at some of those.

 Starting business without proper business plan    

     It is a commonly seen people tend to spend a lot of time on the designing of website and logos. This matters, of course, but the emphasis has to be given for setting up a strategy to run your business. Your key priority should be the approach towards customers and how to deal them. Doing thorough studies in the field help to understand a pattern of the product movement and this helps to decide on the right beneficial strategy. Trying to sell different products via different modes would not let you concentrate on one track. You have to keep a clear picture of how to take the business forward right from the beginning. Research has to be made on the target customers. Decide on the expected audience and follow their pattern of interest. It helps you to give more preference to those fields. Many people might not put much effort in finding the target, and it turns out to be a blunder.

 Not launching on time    

Making business plan is a necessity, but if one continues to research and research without putting up things practically, then your plans would not bear much fruit. We know the trends change now and then. So if you just spend all your time on researching, say for six to eight months, the pattern you found out trending would have changed into another, and by the time you launch, things would have gone beyond your hands. Like the old saying, ‘Time and tide wait for no man’, start rolling and put things into action.

 Absence of mobile friendly pages      

   Never ignore the role of mobile in your service as the number of people shopping through their smartphones are increasing day by day. Make sure to facilitate the site in a mobile friendly way so as tlaclo enable easy access to your site through phones. Recent studies states that about 65 % of online shopping is done through mobile phones. People finds this easier than other conventional ways of purchasing. Once your audience finds it comfortable to skim through your site, the probability is that they start purchasing and would continue to do that regularly, which in turn increases net sales. Mobile apps and mobile-friendly sites are a prime requisite every e-commerce site should strictly follow. It can boost the business tremendously.

 Lack of trust

 When a new business firm arises, people may not be ready to consider it worthy of their wallets. It will be monitored skeptically until it reaches a stable condition. Creating trust among customers is an important aspect of starting a business. Providing adequate customer service, adding reviews to the products intended for sale, and keeping transparency are some of the ways to build a credibility to your business. If a customer visiting your site has no idea whom to ask their queries, they may not find it convenient to shop. A 24x7 customer service is an important criterion if you are aiming for the global market. As we know, a happy customer can talk for thousand words, user reviews has a crucial role in making people trust your site. Once they feel the guarantee, no matter what, they would never try another site.

 Expecting instant profit

 Many want to get huge gains right from the start itself. When this hope perishes, they become so down-hearted and begin to question the stability of firm itself. It is another huge negative thought that can doom your business dreams. One can never expect profit from e-commerce site until it grabs public attention and credibility. So do everything you can, sit back, and analyze your prospects.

 Following the same pattern

 Ask yourself the question – why should someone want to prefer your site over others? If everything follows the same path, there is nothing to capture the curiosity of customers. Make your site unique so as to make it stand out in the crowd.  Make a detailed study of other such sites and list out how you can present things differently. Try to tackle the problems you came across in similar sites and solve those issues in yours. Thus tackling drawbacks and creating distinctive facilities helps a lot in upgrading your e-commerce site.

 Inadequate usage of SEO

 SEO plays a substantial role in taking your business sites to higher rankings. Displaying site on the first or second page is a lot different than listing in some 123rd page. As the site gains in rank, the chances are more to get higher traffic. Thus more and more people will come across the site and the business improves considerably. Without search engine optimization, this is not at all possible. Many would not consider the SEO role important, but it turns out into something of great importance.

 Slow loading of site

 Studies show that customers would not wait more than 2 seconds on a site. If a site is getting too slow to load, 90% people are likely to skip the one and move on to next. It is important to keep server speed high and to optimize the images with precision.

 Ignoring social media marketing

 In this digital era, marketing in social media turns out to be the most efficient way to get your site influence millions. Take care to do proper promotion for your site through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, Google-plus, etc. Some might not regard these promotions important and may end up getting nowhere.

  E-commerce offers you enormous opportunities to flourish your business far and wide. Make use of possibilities effectively. Taking the right decisions at the suitable time and learning from others mistakes are an important aspect of maintaining business. When proceeded in the right direction, success is sure to come knocking on your door.

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