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The process of creating or building software programs and applications for smart devices and mobile phones is known as ‘Mobile Application Development.' There are multiple ways of installing these requests in a device as manufacturers install apps while the instrument is in a production stage (built-in applications), the apps can also be downloaded directly to the device from third party websites or through HTTP functionality of a web browser. Since this is a very broad and vast topic of everyone’s interest, let us just discuss the basics of the mobile application in Dubai UAE and how the process of mobile application development has changed the economic scenario at present.

Mobile Application in Dubai

Operating systems

Today there are several platforms available when it comes to smartphones or even devices, which is why the demand for mobile application in Dubai UAE have also increased that are compatible with these platforms. For instance – a single application for paintings or editing images needs to work on a smartphone powered by Android, Windows and of course iOS. Some of the popular platforms prevalent today include names like Android OS, the Blackberry OS, the HP webOS, Windows Mobile, the Symbian OS and the Apple iOS. The mobile applications powered by codes worked-out in the execution environment, which only supports binaries and codes that correspond to the respective Operating System. One thing most common in all smart devices is that they all use ARM processors (in most of the phones), and it is through the architecture of the processor, codes & binaries of the mobile application executed in machine format.

As the market for iPhone, Androids, and Windows applications grows, firms today still look for an app idea that will create a new trend and will assist them in garnering better business. Companies today are investing heavily in building teams of in-house developers who can develop mobile applications for them.

Consideration for a Mobile App

Idea similarity: If you have a business plan developing an app, first make sure that the design unique in the first place. Researching the market, especially the competitors can be a superb idea to check the uniqueness of your idea and in case, you find that your idea already exists in some other form, try to differentiate your own. Besides understanding the actual need for developing a mobile app, ensure the app itself proves to be a perfect fit for your business goals, strategies, and directions.

Mobile Application in Dubai UAE

Prospective Audience: This is a first fact not only in case of a mobile app but also in the event of business in general. Developing a mobile application at an initial stage is a different thing, but when it starts to shape up in the final stages, for it to be a success it should be by your business objective. Operational goals are solely centered on your target audience and in case you wish to target people globally then you need a mobile app that is multi-lingual.  

Platform and Technology: You cannot have the same mobile app for all the platforms you have. Mobile applications cannot adapt to the platforms they used on, which is why they should develop as per the principles they used respectively. For example, today when a business develops an application, they target the big two for sure, and that include the names of Apple iOS and Android. The likes of Windows and Blackberry come later as well because businesses today like to cover every angle. You cannot expect the app developed for iOS to work in an Android environment. The thing is they do not create a single app for all these platforms but create dedicated apps suited to platforms they wish to target with that app.

Critical Timing: Timing is always critical when it comes to releasing a mobile application in Dubai UAE. If you have an idea that is unique, then you should be concerned about making the release as soon as possible because there is a chance that your competitor outshines you in the release with the similar genre of a product. Timing is critical for maximizing return on investment, especially in the case of a mobile application.

It’s all about the price: Unnecessarily over-pricing your mobile application can be a bad idea especially when you have others just like you. The best thing to do is calculate the value of your mobile application against the money invested and the benefit it offers to the target user.


Offering the mobile app for FREE or at a discounted price during the initial stages can help you get feedback and a decent publicity. Almost all the renowned firms today are following the same lead, and it is working for them very well.

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