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Custom Software Development in Dubai, UAE

Finding the best software development company

Businesses never remain the same; they grow in number and work, or they reduce to nothing. As the firm grows regarding labor and scale, the demand for custom-built software arises to make work easier. Several software development companies in the market claim to be the best. However, custom software development is a different story because every firm has its set of requirements. Being easier said than done, this article will cover important considerations before selecting an agency of software development in Dubai. However, before you can get all worked-up, you need to define your organizational needs to make things easier for the service provider. Sometimes pre-existing software not only saves money but precious time as well, if they fall in line with your business model and requirements.

Software Development Dubai UAE

The right software development firm

Their technical expertise – the roots of a successful software development project depends on the technology deployed, which is why you need to have someone who holds knowledge when it comes to the technology implemented. The firm you are looking for should have experience and expertise in the technology you are interested in and will power your company software. It is evident that the corporation will have basic knowledge of all the techniques governing software development, but holding expertise in a particular technology is a different thing. For instance – your software can be based on Windows – that has security bugs or UNIX – which is not that user-friendly and takes a longer learning time.

Their portfolio – although people value expertise over experience, software development should be done in a disciplined manner. An experienced firm of software development in Dubai will have developed a disciplined methodology when it comes to dealing with client requirements and offering them a reliable solution, which makes the experience much easier for you as a service seeker. However, new firms are yet to experience all this, which is why they do not have a method of working and most of the times are quite rough around the edges when it comes to software development life cycle. In the end, everything depends on your choice only – whether to go for the old lion or the new horse.

When they deliver – everybody today makes a commitment, but lucky ones are those who fulfill the promise they make. Even after successful testing and trial of the software, employees need enough time to adapt to the new working style. After discussing your business model, ask the service provider for an estimated time when they will be able to deliver the software. When it comes to software development, delayed time can mean unplanned expenditure or unnecessary costs.

It’s quality over quantity – what separates a good software from the best one is the quality of its working. Anybody with common software development knowledge can develop software today, but cannot guarantee it was bug-free. A quality software application will be bug-free, well-documented, not resource hungry and will base on the leanest code.    

After sales support is a must – would you buy a car from a manufacturer that refuses after-sales support? In case your answer is NO, then why would you be buying software from a person who vanishes after installation? Software development is much complicated than a car purchase because even after the purchase, you will need regular support and guidance in the initial stages. Complete software has to customize as per the company requirements, and you need the developer to train people who will be using the software in future. Moreover, if the software starts facing technical glitches, you will need the support of the developer to report and tackle the issue. Before signing the contract, such matters should discuss for better understanding.

After following the steps mentioned above, you will have a list of few firms that offer services to software development in Dubai. Compare all the features of the services as per the cost involved and contact the ones who seem better than the rest. The software is a long-term commitment that stays with you for a long time, which is why you need a software developer who has been in the market for a long time.

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